Account of the periodical kidnapping of a human being by aliens during a dream. The force of the immaterial world.

The following document was sent in 2006 by mailing worldwide. In 2016 I put it in my website.


The intention behind this account is to inform as many people as possible. I do not consider myself a specialist on the subject of aliens, I simply say what I know through what I've seen, my research and my memory. This is not a socio-political analysis but a work on conscious energy. I am a plastic artist and all my work is based on my life experience. This information concerns my (forced) personal experience in this field and my research in the parallel field of energy, the immaterial world.
This work is not part of my work as a cosmic energy artist; it is a hastily written document which deals with facts that occur in different worlds: the material, technological world, the immaterial world which is derived from a technology, and the immaterial world. Why have I dashed off something on the subject? First of all it is a matter of survival and because this field of the immaterial world does not interest me as an aim in life, it is a difficult situation which I experience unwillingly. This research diverts a lot of energy from my art work, which serves me as a guide. It is by accumulating energy that you can see energy.
I see energy as I said in a lecture in 2005. The aliens in this field bring us nothing; on the contrary, they throw human beings off balance, use up their energy, weaken their bodies and create a state of insomnia through the subconscious fear of sleep. Fear of dreaming.
To start getting rid of fear, you need to understand the process which is behind that fear.
People directly concerned by the subject, who have undergone the same process of kidnapping, will come to recognise the dark passages in their subconscious as they read this account; it will help them assimilate an extremely disturbing process. It is a painful process of recognition in the hidden paths of subconscious which plunges us into the consciousness of infinity because it starts in the immaterial world - in dream.Who are we dealing with in this account? With what the media call "aliens" or "extraterrestrials" (ET). Their energy is different from that of human beings, it is opaque, grey, non-luminous and it remains within the outline of their bodies, unlike the energy of human beings which is luminous and extends beyond the body. Aliens are deprived of emotion, unlike human beings who have emotions able to generate magical beings.
Aliens have some points in common with humans: for strategic reasons they lie to humans, they respond to power struggles with pressure, they despise humans and know how to orient and direct them.

Facts: how do I know that I have been periodically kidnapped by aliens?
At the beginning of 2006, I was working on a paper for a conference in which I wanted to talk about blue light, like the lower part of a candle flame or the blue flame of burning sulphur, because I know that it "communicates with immaterial and material worlds". I had a good example on the subject in the material world because in 2002 I lived in the Michoacan Mountains in Mexico, in an area where flying saucers are common, making all sorts of luminous signs and circuits from the smallest to the biggest. There was one which was very close and immobile, a large light hanging below the pine forest, which I had already seen with a woman friend the night before. That night there was a large group of us and as we were talking about the light everybody looked at it and mysteriously a dark, opaque halo emerged from the rim of the saucer and gradually towards its centre, covering it so we could no longer see it. We understood that it was very close to us, had seen us and was hiding.
Late in the night when almost everybody had gone, I stayed there and investigated the flying saucer. In the palm of my right hand there appeared a circle of blue light and all at once I was inside a small metal saucer with two smallish aliens. They had apparently identical shiny grey metal bodies, with a large head and big eyes, and talked to me without emitting sounds. They said that there were lots like them and they all came to collect information, but they themselves made no decisions. They said that their bodies were empty shells and that they had no emotions. This encounter left me feeling flat, whereas the cosmic energy, cosmic landscapes and entities that I see awaken me to an exhilarating feeling linked to a love of life.So, in 2006, trying to decide whether or not I would talk about this fact at the conference, I rather anxiously surfed the web looking for sites specialised in ETs. I read about kidnapped people and was filled with anguish because I understood the reason for some of the physical injuries I had noticed on my body a few times a year, when I awoke at dawn or in the morning: nicks at the top of my back and on my shoulders which left worrying specks of blood on my nightgown; scraps of skin missing in various places; a rough scraping at the base of my neck, in the V point (an energy centre); bruises all over my body, particularly on my legs; an uncomfortable burning sensation when passing the first urine of the morning; and my night attire was often disorderly or wrongly put on. These problems occurred in Paris and in the countryside in Normandy; it was at the farm in Normandy, in 1984, that we saw a large flying saucer which arrived slowly from the northwest, and stayed motionless in front of us for a few minutes before flying away to the south; somebody said that it must be a military gadget.
These problems occurred in my body periodically from 1985 to 1996. After 1996, I often travelled on the American continent. The same events occurred once in 2002, some time after my return from the trip on which I saw the flying saucer in the Michoacan. Since then until the time of writing I have managed to neutralise their actions.
In 2006, realising that these things happened at night, I thought that I could escape from the situation by not sleeping during the night hours. So I completely changed my sleeping patterns which caused extreme fatigue. In September 2006, during a dream in the morning, I "woke up in time" as the aliens were making their approach, so I realised that it was a mistake to try to stay awake during the night hours. I thought that this "awakening just in time" was fortuitous. So during a conference in England on 21-23 July 2006, despite exhaustion and lack of concentration due to insufficient sleep, my body was calmer and I understood that it was relaxed because I was in an uncharted zone. That very pleasant physical sensation made me decide to leave Europe for a while. Before I left, I improved my personal command of cosmic energy, working for a long time on my cosmic movements and so I understood that I can modestly neutralise their approaching contact by waking myself up just in time.
Now I have returned from my trip in 2007, I realise that I have been practising these "timely awakenings" at night for several years, but I did not make the connection, relating them to routine situations.

How does kidnapping during sleep happen? Each human being has a double of immaterial energy, his cosmic body, and it is this body which acts in our place in dreams and in the immaterial world. It always acts in relation to our cosmic consciousness: we are born to develop and enrich our genetic heritage of magical beings (men from the sea). It is this double of immaterial energy, which the ET "touch" in an immaterial "approach" to make "contact", while we are asleep and dreaming. Here is an account of one of my experiences of the aliens' "approach", the way they "touch", "drag" and make "contact" during a dream:
Date: 6 September 2006. 6:30 a.m. It is still night and am asleep. I am dreaming that I am lying in a vehicle in the dark. I feel uneasy and do not understand what is happening. A greyish coloured individual is driving the vehicle. He is sitting in front of me, to the left, and I can see his upper back and his head. In a parallel line, the lower right side of his body is pressed close against the lower left side of my body. The vehicle, as far as I can see from my position, is in the shape of a hollow tube, just large enough to hold two people. I am tightly pressed against this individual whom I can see in the semidarkness.
In front I see that we are heading for a completely dark area and I realise that "he is taking me where I do not want to be". I look to the right because I think that is where the door must be and catch a glimpse of the outside. I see that we are leaving a city where there is a row of bright round lampposts, running parallel to a row of trees (this view is very like what I can see from my balcony, but in the dream I do not make the connection). Without seeing them I know that in front and behind this vehicle are two other vehicles with two similar drivers and all three are going in the same direction.
I know that once I no longer see the lampposts and start entering the dark area it will be too late to act; so I decide to get out of the vehicle, I even think that I should open the door and that it is dangerous to leap out of a moving vehicle but my body ignores this thought and without opening any door or sitting up I roll horizontally to the right into a sort of ditch. Bent double, I run for the protection of some trees and in the same position I run towards the lamps.
I wake up in my bed lying on my back. In my body I sense the presence of somebody pressed against my left side. I feel carefully about with my hand and there is nobody there, but from my buttocks to the lower part of my calves I can still feel the pressure of a parallel body. On my left about 40 cm above my head I see a ball of light stuck to the outside of my gauze mosquito net; its light shows up the open weave of the fabric which seems to be slightly distorted by the volume of the ball; it stays there for a few moments and then goes gently away behind me towards the west wall where it is momentarily pressed out of shape against the wall before disappearing.

The kidnapping of a human being by aliens
This is a summary taken from three sources: memory, vision and research and they are all necessary in the work of visualisation in which the material world succeeds the immaterial world in a process which sometimes escapes human logic.
- The material world: I am lying down, asleep
- The immaterial world: I am dreaming, my immaterial double, my cosmic body is "touched" by the projection of an extraterrestrial immaterial body and is carried off.
The alien immaterial body establishes "contact" with my energy body, which is "dragged" and directed to a completely black longitudinal area. This black area is a "translation" zone in which movement takes place in one direction only. There my body, in a horizontal line freed from the "contact", channelled and directed - just as a boat can be moved through the water by remote control - travels at a timeless speed. As time is "unique" in relation to the world, because that time has been cancelled, this happens in another time and becomes "a timeless phenomenon". It occurs in cancelled time and passes into another time, time before or time after.
- The immaterial world and the material world. The channelled immaterial body reaches the individual materialisation box in a vertical position. The materialisation box is made of metal and a clear colourless material like glass. It has four doors, each door forming a transparent wall. The box is raised a few centimetres above the ground and hung from long rails in a huge area where a large number of other boxes move along one after another. Inside the box there are lights on the ceiling which act on the body.
- The material world. Outside, three big ETs are waiting for the naked materialised body. One of the doors of the box opens and automatically, unconsciously, without any personal will, I step out with my eyes open. The three ETs escort me the short distance to a dark grey wall where a sliding door opens towards the left revealing a huge hangar.
In this hangar there are moderately sized vehicles running on overhead rails. They are metal tubes with a flat floor at the bottom from which there is a sloping ramp to the ground. At each end a round glass door of the same diameter as the vehicle opens upwards. Near the middle of each door there is a round horizontal bar. The first door in front of me is open, the other is closed. I get in and walk to the far end of the vehicle and stop in front of the closed glass door, putting my hands on the bar, which feels strange. The vehicle advances, I stand looking impassively ahead, like all the other naked humans that I pass inside other vehicles, which are moving about in enormous multi-directional tunnels.
I know that when the back door closes there are five of us inside: the three ETs, me and another human, armed and wearing a dark blue uniform, who is behind me, at the back of the vehicle. We are going towards a very dark place; the movement stops, the door opens upwards, my hands are held by the bar and I take a step forward on to a slippery black soil where I slide forward at the same time as my hands drop the bar. In a sort of black tunnel-slide, I keep sliding, changing position from standing to sitting and lying. I reach the end of a rectangular space inside a box that is open at the top with straight transparent colourless walls. At the bottom of the box there is a gelatinous material from which emerge fine pincers which work on my body while at the same time a robot dangling from rails overhead descends towards me.
In this operation, the robot performs two combined functions: thin pincers push deep into the sex organ of the human body and at the same time it projects itself into animated physical holograms which correspond more or less to the instantaneous information about sexual desires which it extracts from the human being and which play them out in a hypnotic state which each human experiences during this journey. The robot is made up of a big complex luminous sphere, with a slim, flexible linear body and four rudimentary limbs, two arms and two legs. The body is made up of a simple alignment segmented with many metallic ball and socket joints with various functions. On the long rails, there are other identical robots with the same function at work in huge rooms.
In front of me in the room I see humans wearing white shirts and I hear them speaking to one another in … French.
Once the work is finished, the robot stands up and joins the chain of robots and my body lying on the plank at the bottom of the box is raised from below by a metal arm which steers the plank down to the left and, tipping it over, slides me from the plank with the gelatinous material into a rectangular trough in the ground about 3 cm deep by 200 cm wide and 300 cm long. As I stand up, I feel and see the gelatine being sucked up by the edges of the rectangle. I also see an armed uniformed human being behind me in the room.There is a narrow path beside the trough on my right; my feet walk on it. The narrow path is divided down the middle by a straight, luminous line. My feet seem to be magnetised by the material on the path which takes me a short distance to a sliding door which opens towards the left and I go into a very small space where transparent, colourless creepers reflecting some of the light from above act on my body like a dry shower. Almost at the same time I feel that the right side of my body is being absorbed and squeezed in a material which moulds approximately a quarter of my body with a slightly painful pressure. This material is the clear wall and my body, now clasped and suspended on the right side by the wall, advances very quickly.
I reach a white space, lit up as if by daylight. There are figures patrolling in large circular corridors. One is walking in front of me on the left and further off in front of me on the left I see another coming in the other direction. They are all wearing spectacular shiny black uniforms, with impressive helmets covering their faces, large capes narrow at the shoulders which reach to their ankles, boots and gloves. They have various objects attached to their belts under the cape. They are not robots, they are humans.
In front of me, I see metal staircase parallel to the wall which carries me to the top. On the way I go past a uniformed person walking in the same direction and as soon as I am by the staircase the wall pushes me forward. My feet touch a step and the other steps turn towards the wall. I hold on to the two parallel metal rods and feel something squeezing my back, pushing me towards the top of the wall.
I reach a large round platform where there are tunnels of flexible white material tapering at the end. They are placed close together like the spokes of a wheel, sloping downwards. The lower ends converge around a big transparent tube down below.
At the top of the platform, two individuals are waiting for me dressed in white from head to foot. They blend in with the white environment. Quickly they wrap me in a very supple, transparent colourless material and slide me feet first into the opening of the white tunnel in front of me. My body slides and my feet bang against a rigid material with smooth knobs and lights start sending out vibrations… from my feet towards the top of my body. I see a little ET with an enormous head and huge eyes at the commands. He directs my translation at the rhythm of infinite propulsions on a screen, where an image is quickly covered by black pages.
- The material world derived from a technology: So my body is thrust from the feet backwards head first through successive stages. In my investigation I see my body in a fine, transparent, shiny skin which shows both its inside and my outside, everything coloured black, like the sea at night, punctuated by tiny dots of light.I wake up in my bed and I see the projection of the three little ETs who are leaving my bedroom by the window with closed shutters and a strange red fringe of light creeps in under the narrow space at the bottom of the shutter. These three little ETs are like those that I had seen in Michoacan, but different from the little ET who directed my return translation.
I am in a weird position, my body lying across the middle of the bed, my legs dangling a little over the edge. I do not understand what is happening to me, I want to move my body but it does not respond to my thoughts and I stay where I am without moving, irritated with myself for being in this situation. I see the daylight starting to creep in under the closed shutter and I can already see clearly inside my room. Dawn comes, I managed to move my body and, astonished, I sort out my disordered night attire, slip into bed and pull up the bedclothes and go to sleep thinking about what I have just seen in my strange awakening. It was so different from cosmic energy, those "three elongated silhouettes of pale grey fantastic bodies, which reflected in shades of pink the strange red light filtering under the shutter" (month of April 2002).
Alien projections can only function in the dream environment of the targeted dreamer. This makes them fragile because the dreamer may have allies who enter the dream and jeopardise the projections
I saw a dark place in the tunnels where there were only skulls, without the skeletons of bodies around them, which made me think that sometimes there is no return for human beings who have been kidnapped. This information was confirmed in my last trip to America.

A "plus". Caribbean phenomenon, water
Towards the end of several months in America, I was busy writing in the early evening, sitting on my bed in my bedroom which looks out over the Caribbean.
I looked out the window and, in the east, over the sea where I saw the sun rise in the morning, I saw a flash of lightning followed by another, both about the same distance away. I said to myself that a roll of thunder would soon follow and perhaps it would rain that evening. I kept on working listening for the thunder but it did not come.
A long time afterwards I saw, in the same place as before, the same electrical phenomena over a calm sea with only a tiny waves.
I could see the light of the flashes reflected on the clouds, a constant rhythm of two alternate flashes, 1 and 2, 1 and 2, 1 and 2 … and so on, and this went on for a long time. Despite my curiosity I got tired of watching and went on with my work.
More than an hour after seeing the first flashes, I looked outside again and I saw that the phenomenon was still going on at the same rhythm. Then I really began to wonder and noticed that there was still no thunder. So I kept on working, glancing outside from time to time until the phenomenon stopped far into the night. It had lasted over two hours from the time I first saw it. The same night, I investigated this phenomenon. I launched myself high in the sky where the lights were and saw two large round flying saucers. The rays of light rose to their centre from the depths of the sea. I went down the beam of light in the other direction and reached a large space or platform which was full of individuals, bent over and covered with something coloured blue. I thought they were humans but from close up I saw that they were big aliens in a sort of blue wetsuit like those worn by divers.
On the left I saw lights and went towards them. I went along a long corridor; on my right I saw more lights and went towards them. The space grew larger and I entered a room where I saw a tall, beautiful woman with white skin and dark hair sitting on a wide, high pouf, dressed in a flowing gown which covered part of the pouf. A few centimetres to her right there was a very tall ET standing over 200 cm tall, wearing the same blue wetsuit as the others whom I had seen at the entrance. I stopped in front of them. The woman looked at me and turned her head towards me. I understood that they could see me and quickly went to cut the connection.
I saw that the woman was an ET and that she was covered with an element "similar" to human skin but underneath this material she was the same as the other ETs.
This "excursion" spoiled my daily habit of "going to the beach" and I kept away from the sea for two days, preferring the cosy comfort of my hotel. On the third day I went to the beach where I asked a friend if he had seen anything in the sky on that particular day and he answered that he and his wife had seen a few flashes from his terrace in a direction opposite to mine, and as he thought that it was going to rain they went down to the apartment and closed the windows and did not take any more notice of what was happening outside. They too had noticed that there was no thunder. I said that I was very surprised by the direction he indicated, the opposite to mine, because that showed that the phenomenon could not have taken place very far from the beach. This person lives four streets from the sea and fifty streets north-east of my room, which faces the sea.
This phenomenon led me to think of the "men from the sea" whom I saw arriving in the place which must be approximately the convergence of our viewpoints on opposite sides of the city. A few weeks before, during the same holiday, I had told another friend the exact place where I had seen the "men coming from the sea" and I told him that the strange thing is that I saw them with a line, like a thread. My friend told me that it was normal because it is their electricity and that is how they exist today.